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Roadmap to your website

"Help me... help you. Help me, help you." - Jerry Maguire

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Pick a Plan and Pay Set-up Fee.

You didn't expect us to just start working for free did you? We will have to quote Jerry Maguire again - "Show me the the money!" Seriously though, once you sign up, the fun begins!

Initial Meeting

Meet with us, Skype with us, go to yoga with us. Let's just get on the same page.

In our initial meeting we will find out what your goals are for your site and share our thoughts. We will find out if you already have a site, a domain name, image and copy assets, a logo, etc. We will also discuss options for colors and design so we can start on a website draft.

Rough Draft

We will create a rough draft of your site- don't worry it won't go live until you approve it.

We will use the information gained from our initial meeting and our telepathic skills to create a rough draft or your site. Well, maybe we aren't telepathic, so during this process we will probably be emailing and texting you a lot.

Evaluate Draft

Look over that draft with a fine-toothed comb. Maybe have your spouse help since you are tired.

Write down anything and everything that we did wrong with the initial draft. Sometimes we may push back a little if we feel that certain features of the website will serve practice growth better, but ultimately the final say is your's ... er... um ... your spouse's. (We all know who is really in charge!)

Implement Feedback

We will take the feedback from you (your spouse) and implement changes.

We will do our best to get the changes right the first time. Then we will really try the second time. On the third time we will inform you that we won't give up. By the 6th or 9th time we will have your website just the way you like it (until you want us to change something else!) Don't worry that is what we are here for.

Continual Improvement

Your practice will change.
We will develop new features.

As your practice changes we will continually update your website. We will add new features as we develop them. We will continue to work with you and your staff to better leverage your web presence into practice growth. When we update your profile picture with this year's photo, we will photoshop out the gray hair, or maybe just photoshop in more hair!

Your dental practice website and mobile app are our passion!

... er... uh MILK
(forgot we are in Utah for a second)