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Basic Features

About Us

This is where you make sure potential patients will love you. Explain your office philosophy, mission statement, and the services you provide. Let them know why they should go to your dental practice.

Doctor Profiles

This is the part of the website where you sell yourself. Let the world know how much you love being a dentist. Tell them about the path you took into the field, what areas you specialize in and your approach to dentistry.

Staff Picture

Show what a lovely and happy staff you have. Be sure and let the world know that the dental practice staff will help them to be comfortable and take care of any concerns or questions that they may have.


Tell patients where you are located and give them a map, a street view, photos of the office and entrance, and allow them to get directions to the practice on their computer or mobile device. 

Contact Us

Your practice address and phone number will be on every page of your website. It will also go on this page, along with any emergency (after hours) contact info. There will also be a form in which the customer can send the office an email without leaving the website.

Mobile Website

 Your site will work perfectly on any mobile device. It will be resized and reformatted when viewed on a phone. The patients will have the same easy access to your website on their phone or their computer.

Plus Features

(Also Includes all Basic Features)

Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization for your city or town. Get found by people looking for a dentist in your area. We will take care of submitting your site to the necessary directories, updating your business information across the web, and making sure that your site will rise in Google and other search engine rankings!

Social Media

Social media will be integrated into your website and online growth strategy. We will optimize your accounts for practice growth and work with you to help your patients give the practice social media exposure. If you don't have certain accounts we will create them for you and tie them into your website.


We will aggregate your various ratings and reviews from throughout the web onto your site. We will keep the third party branding on the testimonials and link them to the actual third party sites so that potential patients know that your stellar reviews are %100 genuine.

Testimonial Training

We will teach your staff how to gain the stellar testimonials needed to improve your new patient conversions. We will teach them the places reviews are needed and how to gain them from your patients. You do great work, why not let your patients tell the world?

Online Scheduling

Let your patients easily request and schedule appointments from your website. You will be able to take new appointments 24/7 with this system. It is simple to use and we will train your staff how to integrate it into their scheduling routines.

Online Bill Pay

 Let your customers pay their bills easily right on your website. They will be able to pay with all major credit cards. They can also set up recurring payments, such as payments for in-house plans or financing.

Premiere Features

(Also Includes all Basic and Plus Features)

Mobile Application

A native mobile application is much different than your mobile website. The patients can download the app and keep it permanently on their device. Mobile applications can include many features and benefits that a website is not able to provide. Apps let the patient engage with the office in ways that a website just won't allow.

iOS Application

Your application will have an iOS version for use on iPhones and iPads. We will develop the application and then submit it to Apple for approval. We have extensive experience with the iOS app store and the app creation and approval process.

Android Application

Your application will have an Android version for use on Android phones and tablets. We will develop the application and then submit it to the Google Play store for approval. We have extensive experience with the Google Play store and the app creation and approval process.

Rewards System

Your application will have a rewards system customized to your practice. Some examples of things patients can be rewarded for are:

  • Consecutive recare appointments kept
  • Referrals of friends and family
  • Promotion of the dental practice on social media and online
  • Meeting treatment goals
  • Much more...
Loyalty Card

This is a digital version of the classic stamp card. The customer completes a certain amount of appointments/treatments, and the customer is rewarded with a discounted/free cleaning, a gift card or other reward.

Custom Coupons

We can place whatever coupons you would like inside the app. Coupons can be limited to be used once or repeatedly per customer, can have set expiration dates, and there can be a limit on the number of people that will actually be able to use the coupon. The customer will see all of this in the app, including if a coupon is about to expire or be used up!

Push Notifications

Send push notifications/alerts to any patient with the app. You can also let the patients sign up to be notified of specials, appointment openings, practice news etc. Notifications can also be sent based on a customers proximity to the practice. A good example of how to use this feature is for patient appreciation campaigns. You could push a message to any patient who comes within a mile of the practice "Come by the dental practice today and beat the heat with a free ice cream cone!" One concern is that these notifications can annoy patients, so we make it possible for patients to turn off notifications if desired.

Referral Program

Put your smile card right in the app (you DBA coaching clients know what these are). The patient can then invite their friends to your practice from the app with the digital smile card included, and when the smile card is used, both the referring patient and the new patient earn a reward!

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