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If you are a Dentist, you need a Dental Website that Ranks on Google!

Does your current dental website rank on the first page of google?

Unfortunately all the big Dental Website companies can't even get the little things correct. Here are some things to check if your current dental website company is doing the minimum for your dental practice.

  1. What is your google rank for your city or town? If you are not in the top 3, forget about it!
    • Go to this page.
    • Put "dentist" in the search box.
    • Put your dental practice city or zip code in the search location box.
    • Do you appear in the top 3 in the local results and the organic results? If you don't, call us at 1-855-300-4680 or message us!
  2. How fast is your website?
  3. Does your website have SSL? You can tell by going to your practice website for your dental office, then looking in the address bar for this:   dentist website  if you don't and instead have this, website for dentist  that means that your dental website company is failing you. SSL, also known as HTTPS is a minor factor, but google does consider it when ranking search results. It is not a difficult feature to add and so if your website company has not done it ON THEIR OWN WITHOUT YOU ASKING then they do not have your dental practice's best interests at heart.

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